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Benjamin Briones

Costume Designer

Benjamin Briones UBC Costumes dancwear established in 2003, a Company that designs and make Professional Costumes and Dancewear, they  provide  the basics to the most elaborated at first rate quality, with a variety of new and innovative colors. Fashionable and inventive designs are the primary values of the company.


Ursula and Benjamin are dancers themselves, and as such, they know and understand the need for the “look” of the line as well as the need for comfort. Strength and durability in the fabric are also necessary to make the garment last. 


After being in the costume and dancewear business for over 14 years providing dancers of all movement disciplines with costumes, dancewear and costume-made garments, finally they open their doors to the Retail consumer.


As professional and experienced performers, Ursula and Benjamin incorporate their creativity and experience into new ideas for all their creations including leotards, unitards, yoga-wear including warm-ups for the changing needs and demands of the dancer of today. They are constantly creating new styles bearing in mind that these designs are for fashion, good lines and looks for practicality, durability and comfort. This will be UBC Costumes dancwear's 3rd Season working with Ballet Inc. 




Bobby Kerns Jr.

Videographer | 


Bobby Kerns of Bobby Kerns Productions, is a production company based in Charlotte NC. We value the art of photography and video and believe in capturing life with purpose, intention and style. Whether it's a portrait session, a video production or even your wedding day, it deserves to be captured perfectly. Capturing images and telling stories through a camera is our mission and if you’re looking for a production company that can consistently meet your needs with quality and creativity, you’ve found home.

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